Welcome to Seven Dolors of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church.  2019 is the 141st anniversary of the founding of the Parish.   If you are visiting the Rocky Gap area, we hope that you can start your Sunday morning a little later than perhaps you usually do and join us for Mass at 12 noon.  We are one of the smallest parishes in the Altoona-Johnstown Diocese but rich in history.  The Church is located in the beautiful Pennsylvania countryside. There is plenty of parking.  We always have room at Sunday Mass and hope you can celebrate Mass with us.  Start the week by thanking our Lord for all that he has done and asking for his help the rest of the week.  

Come and say the rosary with us before Mass at about 11:20 AM and contemplate Our Blessed Mother’s Seven Sorrows.  

Take a walk in the cemetery or sit on the park bench in the picture and think about the pioneers who settled the land 138 years ago.  Think about the iron works 15 miles away in LaVale where the first train rails in the United States were made in 1844.  It is difficult to imagine that previously all rails came from England on sailing ships.

If you have been away from the Church for whatever reason, we invite you to come back.  As Jesus said  ”whenever three or more are gathered in my name, I am in their midst.”

Mission Statement

At Seven Dolors, we wish to build up God’s Kingdom in Bedford County, PA.  We look to our Mother of Sorrows to guide and help us.